January 10, 2024

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Taylrd Media is announcing some new changes in the coming year to help you succeed in your content creation.

New Year, New Prices

Normally, companies announce price changes by raising rates, attributing it to factors like "inflation" or "rising costs.”  We are actually lowering our costs for the 2024 season. Our new pricing structure for hourly rates will begin on January 8th, and will be as follows:

  • Primary Photographer Rates: $200/hr → $100/hr
  • Secondary Photographer Rates: $125/hr → $75/hr

In addition to lowering hourly costs, we are introducing editing tiers. Editing tiers provide a low-cost alternative to traditional edits by only applying basic adjustments (color correction, exposure, contrast, and cropping). These basic edits are a great option for people who need photography without artistic looks, spot removal, HDR, and other advanced editing techniques. Our new price structure for our editing tiers will be as follows:

  • Photo Editing: $10/photo → $5/basic edit OR $10/advanced edit

In addition to our new pricing changes, we would like all our old clients to experience these price changes as well. If you have booked a shoot in the past year with Taylrd Media, you are entitled to receive an additional 50% off your next shoot. 

Instant Edits (beta)

Our event clients expect the best from us, and we want to deliver. In 2024, we will be introducing Instant Edits in beta. Instant Edits utilizes a 2-person team for editing photos as they are being shot. With instant edits, your event can be edited in real-time and content can be delivered within 2 hours of the event conclusion; ensuring that you have content ready to post right when the action concludes. While in beta, we can only guarantee a 2-hour delivery estimate, but with feedback and testing, we hope to bring that timeframe down as we refine our process. Instant Edits will be free in beta and will start at $100/hr for shoots when our final product is released later this year.

More to Come

We have much more to share in the coming year, and we cannot wait. Taylrd Media remains committed to our desire to develop more forward-thinking content creation, and we promise to deliver in 2024.